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I was responsible for overall creative direction, UX, content strategy and project management in this major redesign project. The aim was to transform Future Insights’ online presence to improve user engagement and increase ticket sales for the well-established events company.

As a company we have a wealth of video content from our events, which previously hadn’t been utilised as well as it could be. With the new website we aimed to put this video content front and centre to give people a taste of our events and encourage newsletter signups.

To encourage further exploration of the site, we created speaker profiles, which would link to the videos and allow users to browse additional content featuring that speaker.

I worked closely with developers Copter Labs, providing design prototypes in HTML and CSS for them to integrate into Wordpress. I was particularly pleased with the way we were able to easily collaborate, despite being a remote team. Our process became more agile, we would prototype a design feature, implement it in Wordpress and iterate on the design based on real content. This approach enabled us to discover and solve potential problems quicker.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Content Strategy
  • UX
  • Wireframing
  • Creative Direction
  • Front-end
  • Sass
  • Susy
Future Insights - icons

I came up with original icon designs for the different cities to display upcoming events. Combining these with photography for the brand page headers gave the site a strong visual aesthetic.

Future Insights - icons

Differentiating the various event brands while keeping a consistent visual style was a challenge. I used Sass maps to provide colour themes for the homepages of the most well-known event brands (Future of Web Design, Future of Web Apps and Future Insights Live), as well as designing a generic colour scheme for general blog and video content (which could also be applied to new events that do not have a designated colour scheme.

In the second phase of the project I would like to work on greater editorial powers for the content producers, who may need to assign custom colour schemes to a new event and / or change the background image.

This was the biggest project both myself and the Copter Labs team had taken on, and this did result in some delays in implementing some of the desired features due to unanticipated complexity.